Mark Steck DVD's

Dryland Coon Trapping – Unplugged
Huge coon are consistently caught on dryland and veteran trapper 
Mark Steck shows you how to get them. Join Mark on his coon line 
as he shows you his modern methods that pile up big coon 
in large numbers.


Follow Pro Trapper Mark Steck on his South Dakota coon line as he
nails 61 raccoons in one check using the Lil’ Grizz Get’rz. A swift 
moving fast paced video that exposes the viewer to a futuristic raccoon
trapping system second to none. Quick and easy without many of the
physical demands of old school methods. Lots of action including 
night vision footage of raccoons working sets.
160 Minutes

Ride along with professional trapper Mark Steck on his Dakota trapline. 
Learn how to cover large areas working from the roadways close to 
your truck. Learn a line management technique that leads to large 
catches, learn the lost art of blind setting for mink & discover a
deadly new concept called “pipe trapping.”
Approximately 2 hours

Pipe Trapping

Come along as Dakota Line Veteran Trapper, Mark Steck, runs a 
water line using PVC pipes. Watch as Steck nails coon and mink in
sets that are simple, fast and go where you want them. Pipe trapping
will change the way you trap. These methods are versatile and deadly.
120 Minutes


Farmland Snaring
The farmlands of North America are where the huge catches of furbearers
are made. Filmed in eastern South Dakota, veteran snareman Mark 
Steck takes you on his snareline. He shares secrets of the craft he’s 
honed over years of snaring Farmland country for literally 1000’s of 
critters. Learn fast, effective techniques for snaring raccoon, beaver,
mink & canines from an expert trapper.
120 Minutes


Canine Trapping in Dirt and Snow
Mark Steck caught his first canine in 1973. Since that time, Steck has 
commercially trapped fox and coyotes in several states in all kinds 
of conditions. A trapping free spirit, Mark brings to this video simplistic 
methods that bust many trapping myths. He gives an in depth analysis
of empty sprung traps, a subject most pros sweep under the rug. In
dirt, rain and snow Mark adjusts to changing conditions as he
takes you on a working trapline. 
2 hours and 40 minutes.