Odorless Trap Wax

White Trap Wax
A special non cracking, no odor, white trap wax. Recommended
for all steel traps used for both land and water trapping. 
Use in pure form.

Instructions : Be Careful - Highly flammable! have a pot large
enough so that the wax that you need to completely cover
your traps only fills the container half full. Heat the wax to
around 230* If the wax starts smoking, it is too hot, so lower
the heat. Dip dry clean traps into wax and leave in long enough 
(about 20-30 seconds) for the traps to look wet when removed.


Black Trap Wax
Excellent for both dryland predator and water sets. Special
plastic like metal binding qualities, remains flexible at
extremely cold temperatures and helps conceal your traps.

Use the same way as white trap wax